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Great food for thought.

I think part of the process of growing as a person is realizing your faults and engaging in spiritual practices to overcome what you call abuse.

Spiritual life can mean many things to many people and I'm not here to preach. However, by asking to be forgiven, asking for help, realizing that its not all about you and trying to serve others, gradually everything else in your life will improve.

The Creator, God, the Universe, The Higher Power, Krishna, or whatever you feel comfortable with, can and will help you and forgive you.

And since you are forgiven, you can begin to forgive others AND yourself.

All blessings to you,


admin said:

Thanks for your comments. I agree totally. Being forgiven is important, and the key to forgiving yourself and others.
Blessings and all the best!

Lei said:

Thankyou soo much.I now know what is wrong with me.At first,I thought it was be ause I was growing up or because im just naturally emo or depressed.But know I know what it wrong with me.I am EMOTIONALLY ABUSING MYSELF AND BLAMEING OTHERS FOR IT.I CANT HELP IT.I tell myself Im a loser and worth nothing,And i believe it,Basically because I suck.I suck at everything.I suck in gym class(I cant dribble a basket ball while running while everyone else can,I fail science class no matter how hard I study.I am NOTHING.I cant help it.I try to stop emotionally abuseing myself but I cant.What else can I do Other than talk to someone or see a councelor??

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