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Very true. We have to action to get the result.

Filomena said:

How true, the power of visualization seems to be the key, the positive thoughts is how the law of attraction works. The Law of attraction does not compute negative, so when we are visualizing the thoughts we hold and beieve we are living is what we will attract.


-linlin- said:

We dream and visualise about what we want, then, we should not think too much about that. Let that dream be at our subconcious level. Dream and always dream……

We should live in the now, and work very hard today as much possible to accomplish what we need to do today, and the next day is another day. Be good, be thankful and work honestly. Be the best we can be each day.

With the faith that we have, we will achieve our dreams…..

I no longer worry about what my short or long term plans are…. I just LIVE!

Thank you very much, The Science of Getting Rich….

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