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Grant said:

Hi, I totally agree with and support what you have said about gratitude and it's importance in creating happiness in life.

I have created a web site that is based on the concepts from Positive Psychology and provides a way for people to give the gift of gratitude and appreciation. It's a web site dedicated to positive values and celebrating and rewarding the special people in our lives.

If you are looking for an advanced way to put more gratitude in your life and the lives of those you care about then please check out

thanks, Grant

ken lagat said:

Wow what can i say?the message is so cool and challenging at the same time.This is due to the fact that i do fail to be grateful for what i have especially if faced with problems!Cheers. keep it up the good work.Inspire us the more!

Garry said:

I found the love I my life, married, and 3 months later she became ill and 10.5 months after our wedding she passed away. I am so grateful to the love she taught me, her children and g'children and other family that became a part of my life. My wife showed me a new way and for all things I am grateful. Do I miss her? Oh yes! But I am a more content and more complete human being that is a far better person now. Thank You. Thank You.

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