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Great article! Timely too… since Positive Thinking Day is September 13th!

I like your incorporation of Seth Godin's new book in number 6. Very nice! :)

Kelly Smith said:

Great article, we can never hear or read this enough. :)

Ralph Morton said:

Beautiful…….. Life is such a dream as long as you are positive.

As one who's bible is Napolean Hill's "Think and grow rich" I agree with everything you say.

I have proven it so many times in my life and I preach it every day. I have been a millionaire 3 times broke 4 and I am still the most positive person you will ever meet.


Ralph AKA noviorbis

r.sivaraman said:

it is a very goodpull out. it will boost your moral courage. thanks for sending it. good luck

jayantha said:

i'am a negative girl , trying 2 change ma character………………….. so all dis views abt positive's changes me a bit………….. atleast @ certain times………… i enjoy it……………………………..

san said:

Great words ……….its real



Justin Evans said:

After suffering from depression for 15years my doctor sent me on a course for depression part of it was about positive thinking since then i have learned to turn my thoughts around to take the positives from the negatives in any situation and feel a lot happier in myself.

Beni said:

hello friends…I want to say u can everything in your life with these positive thinking.u can prove urself in any situation. these tips so nice and use daily inyour life then u can realize what is doing in my life every thing is going on good. Me also fustrated before read this article. now i am happy in my life and no need to cry in life to anyone. prove urself wth positive attitude. Thanks.Beni…beniwal

Prashant said:

Good Collection !

If we follow this, Life is wonderful !

Thanks a Lot for sharing this.


sunil mandola said:

positv thinking+hard work can achieve what u want….ajma kar dekhna .

imtiyaz hussain said:

my thinking is negative like personalty

Shilpy said:

Thanks for inspiring me :)

Dev kamal said:

Never say were negative…coz u ve realised…thats y u r able to conclude.

natalie said:

probably some negative thinking right about now….it seems hard to start just randomly…buti'll try it, i don't like being negative :P it makes me sad or depressed

natalie said:

is not being easily motivated or convinced part of being negative too? Because that happens alot to me.

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